Monday, July 15, 2013

The Real Super Heroes

We woke up Saturday morning to an overcast cloudy sky with rain looming. The kids and I were hopeful the rain would hold off, so we donned our super hero shirts. Aiden in Spiderman, Liam in Batman and me in Batman too. We grabbed our cereal bars and milk cups (coffee for me) and got in the car. The rain drops started hitting our windshield not too far from the driveway. Our hearts were a little heavy, but I kept thinking we'd drive out of it.

When we got to the race at Wake Med Soccer park, it was still raining, but it was doable. I checked the boys in, and they got super cool green capes and black masks to compliment their outfits. I asked about the starting time for the Fun Run. Aiden was so excited; he kept telling me he was going to win. "Well," the guy in-charge said, " we already did the race." "I thought the race was at 9," I responded. "It was supposed to be," he continued,"but we were afraid it might storm." "Oh well," I said. I tried to down play it. I didn't want to the boys to be disappointed. The guy could tell the boys were sad, and led me to the inflatable obstacle course. Their faces lit up, and the race was forgotten. We all climbed through the obstacle course several times. At the end of the course, the boys were rewarded with Ice-es.


As we walked back to the car, the boys spotted a tent with snacks. Liam was yelling Nanna (banana). I went over to get him a banana, and by then Aiden had found cookies and cupcakes. And they were free! So a cupcake for Liam and a cookie for Aiden decorated in blue frosting. We got our snacks, and the boys spotted a fire truck. We ran over to the fire truck. The Cary firemen were opening the truck and showing the kids all the tools. One of the firemen asked about the race. Aiden sadly told him how we missed it. The fireman asked Aiden if he wanted to race him. Aiden was so excited. They ran to the tree and back; Aiden won! He was beaming. The fireman really made his day. I told Aiden that firemen are the real super heroes, and he agreed.


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