Monday, July 1, 2013

You're Not Alone!

Being a Fit Triangle Mom isn't easy. If you're like me, you wake up each morning a little too early with children wanting breakfast, and you can't move fast enough to make it for them. Then it's the changing diapers, getting everyone dressed and ready to get out the door and to the gym while you keep telling the kids to stop hitting and please share. Mornings can be crazy, but it's good to know you're not alone in your fitness journey as well as motherhood.

I want to share some ways you can get connected to other Fit-minded moms like yourself in the Triangle. I tell people all the time that going to the gym is my sanity-- I get to focus on me while the kids are being well taken care of.

My friend Lori Sowers is a mother of two boys, a personal trainer and an independent distributor for Advocare. Lori has competed and won figure competitions (yes, that's her in the picture!). She knows the in's and out 's of getting your body back after kids. She offers a Saturday morning bootcamp in Holly Springs. She also offers personalized workouts and meal plans. Contact Lori at to learn more about her fitness options.

 Stroller Strides of Raleigh is another great Fit Triangle Mom connection. No need for child care, the stroller handles that and you're off. Participants do more than push a stroller, you meet other moms, exercise and have fun. Stroller Strides meet at local parks and malls to make it easier for you. Also there's Body Back, a sister program to Stroller Strides. Body Back is a result focused program that offers classes and nutritional guidance and motivational coaching. A new class is starting July 8 at 5:45 am (before the kids wake up) at the Academy of Performing Arts in Apex.

Last, but not least is me. I'm not a personal trainer; I'm just a mom that is blazing a fitness trail. When I first started this journey I was alone, but my determination to reach my goals- run a 5k and loose weight kept me going. In the process, I have made new friends and have realized it is so much fun to share fitness with others. I have signed up for some more races this year. So if running a 5k has been on your to-do list, but you didn't want to be there alone, I'll be at the following races:

Alpha & Omega Super Hero Fun Run
Raleigh Electric Run
Raleigh Color Run


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