Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stuck...Hitting a plateau

Stuck. Yes, that's how I feel as I stand on the scale at the gym and the thing-a-ma-gigy is stuck at 140. Ugh. I've been training hard for eight months, and been losing weight and inches, but this is just unacceptable. I have hit a plateau. Not me, not the Fit Mom. How can this be? I wonder to myself.

My husband, Seth came to the gym with me on Monday. I'd already told him I was feeling stuck, so he watched me train and gave me some pointers. Monday Seth was working on his shoulders. He asked me what I was working on. I do it all, I told him as I jumped from arms to legs to abs. He told me when we got home that I need to work a certain area each day instead of doing it all everyday. This was one of the reasons I hit a plateau, my body got used to the all-around quickly. Granted, Seth knows what he's talking about since he's been conditioning and training his body since his high school wrestling days, but I needed a second opinion, a female second opinion. So on Tuesday, I talk with Karen at the gym. Karen is a regular at the gym, she's a little bit older than me, and she is FIT a mom that trains with her kids. Karen tells me the same stuff as Seth, but she takes it a step further and gives me the women's viewpoint. It's 70% diet and 30% exercise, Karen explains. Which is so true. I know I've been sneaking in a little ice cream here, chips there and some wine before bed. Yes, ladies it does catch up with you.

The diet part is hard for me not because I like sweets and carbs (I do), but because I just don't know what to eat. Karen solved this problem for me too. She said, find an athlete, trainer, or figure competitor with your similar body type and buy their cook book and exercise guide. Emulate their diet and exercise, and you'll start seeing changes. This will really take the guess work out of my diet and exercise routine.

Now, I need to find my mentor so to speak. I'll keep you updated on this journey and share with you as I slowly become unstuck.


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