Wednesday, June 19, 2013

If Mama doesn't get her workout...

Yes, it started this week. Not the once-a-month thing, the other thing-- the 6-week COR Challenge from I am so over this fitness plateau, so I am revving up my workouts, eating extremely clean and healthy and adding supplements to the mix. I sent in all my before pictures and then on Sunday I get the long awaited email from my new online trainer- Karina. She is going to wear me out, but if my abs look like hers by the end of the six weeks it will be worth it.

I've been doing good with the eating part. I've cut back on portions and carbs and cut-out all sweets. I've bumped up my workouts from 3-days to 4-days a week which is really pushing it for me, yet my new online trainer trains 6-days a week.  So, I'm adding exercises here and there, bought a jump rope and try to fit in some exercises at home without someone climbing on my back.  It's summer break and the boys keep me busy with playdates. I don't mind playdates, it means I get to talk with another adult.

Today, I tried to squeeze in a quick run and ab workout before a strawberry picking playdate. I was really pushing it on the treadmill only 1/10 away before hitting the mile mark. Did I mention I was making record time? I look over and see Jed the head honcho of the gym trying to get my attention. I take out my earphones, and he tells me I'm needed in the child room. Great, I sarcastically mumble under my breath along with some other choice words. I'm thinking Liam needs a diaper change which I can do quick and just move onto my ab work. I get to the child room; I find Liam crying. He has a bloody lip. It turns out big brother pushed him, and he hit his lip on the plastic shopping cart. I try to console him, but he's done. He keeps pointing to the door. I know this workout can't be salvaged, so we pack it up and head to DJ's Berry Patch. Mama's not happy, but we meet up with our friends. I get to talk with adults who understand the craziness of being a parent.

I still plan to do some ab work- a plank, weighted jack knife crunches, russian twists, reverse crunches, and flutter kicks. I'll also be back at the gym. I might have missed my workout, but I'm not giving up.


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