Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Timeout from a Tough Job

Being a mom is tough work. Your job consists of childcare, teacher, coach, maid, accountant, event coordinator plus numerous other tasks. Since you have such a tough job, you probably train hard to maintain your sanity and health. Although you're exercising and staying healthy, don't forget about the other aspect which is taking some quiet relaxing down time just for you. The other day I made it a priority to get a pedicure. It's not really pedicure season, but my feet were tired, and I needed a break. It felt so good dipping my feet into the warm foot tub and having the massage chair soothe my aching back. I chose a pretty pink color to help remind me that Spring is around the corner. I indulged in a leg and foot massage and   when she exfoliated my feet it tickled. It was just what I needed-- a mama timeout. No crying babies, no one hanging on my leg and  no one asking me where the TV remote is, just peaceful relaxing me time. It was just the kind of rejuvenation I needed when I came back home to three boys (husband included) that needed me.

Now don't make any excuses, make you time a priority. Ask your husband, a friend or get a sitter to watch the kids, so you can get a pedicure/manicure, massage, sit in Starbucks, go to the park, or where ever you find peace. You deserve it mom, because being a mom is tough.


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