Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fit Mom, yet still a Mom

Have you ever had a dream? I had a dream. Writing a blog about my fitness is part of the dream. I love going to the gym, pushing myself to the next level with weights, running and new workouts. This week, I experienced the ultimate workout, one that gym girls like myself can only dream of. StrongOver40 was intense; it pushed me to my limits, but it kept me wanting me more of this challenge. I was so impressed with the SO-50 system and to be training with the inventor himself plus my BFFs. The dream didn't end there; no, it got even better. John Stuef, the inventor and trainer, offered me a golden opportunity-- personally train with him and his SO-50 system for free (BFFs included) in exchange for me blogging about my results. I was ecstatic when John proposed this offer. It was my dream-- writing and fitness and possibly a larger following.

But, there was a rub. If only life didn't have rubs. Childcare. Childcare was not included in the offer. I have two young boys ages 4-years-old and 18 months. They are active boys that need supervision, so sadly childcare was the deal breaker for me. Yes, it was a good dream, but unfortunately I woke up to my reality.

At first, I was really bitter about the whole situation. It just wasn't fair. Then I felt God prodding my heart once again with the verse in Ecclesiastes about seasons. Ecclesiastes 3, "There's a time for everything, a season for every activity under the heavens." Even though I wish I had more time for business opportunities and time to write about them; I need to be reminded that my season is to be with my children. People are constantly telling me, "they are only little for a short time" and "enjoy it while it lasts". Yes, I love a good workout, and yes, I love to write, but I love my children more. And this time I will accept the season of motherhood.


At March 30, 2013 at 3:16 PM , Blogger clynn said...

Hey Rachel, Just an idea, but lots of college kids are finishing up school in a month and maybe you could hire one to watch the kids for an hour three times a week? Its important to take those small moments for yourself when/if possible. I remember the days of active small children and it is definitely limiting to what you can do but maybe you can find someone close to help you out on those couple of mornings. We'd love to see you back in class! Or maybe rotate with your BFFs?


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