Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Role Models

Like it or not Mamas, we are role models. I'm not just talking about watching your tongue when you stub your toe or having a positive attitude on those bad days (these are important too). However, I'm talking about making a conscious effort to choose fruit over fries and exercising over vegging on the couch. My oldest son is in preschool, and they are already talking about trying a new veggie each week and playing outside more. You might think it's too early to start worrying about childhood obesity, but apparently it has tripled for children in the past three decades, and more than one in ten of the world's adult population is obese. My preschooler already loves playing Angry Birds and watching TV, and of course McDonald's is first on his list for places to eat. So how can we change the choices our children make and prevent an obese adulthood? We need to provide our children with healthier options and most importantly practice these choices ourselves. Out to eat? Order grilled chicken, substitute a salad instead of fries and order water.(Yes, they are watching!) Last year, my husband and I cut out soda from our diet. Our kids don't see it at home, so they know it's not on the menu. What about when your child wants to play another video game or watch TV? Suggest an activity like catch or tennis, something you can do together. On the days I don't go to the gym, I exercise at home. My boys love "helping" me with my exercises. Teach your children health and fitness is not a fad or something you try for a week; it's a lifestyle that you live. Obesity is both reversible and preventable. So don't give-up before you start. Make a fresh start and begin living healthier today.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Try-it Thursday

Thursdays are all about adding something new to your exercise mix. Last April, I tried running. I had never run before, but for some reason after giving birth to my son, I needed to run. In the past, I had excuses like my feet would hurt or my asthma would slow me down. I was a gym girl. I lifted weights, did the elliptical and only walked on the treadmill. I guess after giving birth naturally to two tough and tumble boys; you believe you can accomplish anything. So I used an app that coached me on running, and you know what? I ran my first 5k in June. I caught the running bug, and I'm so glad that I tried. Besides having an awesome feeling of accomplishment, running is very beneficial to your body. I was able to lose all the baby weight and some extra pounds too, tightened and toned my butt and legs and abs, and I can fit into my skinny jeans.

Have you ever wanted to try running, but didn't know where to start? There is an excellent program in the Triangle geared towards moms on all levels- Raleigh Running Mamas. They offer a two-month training session to get you ready for a 5k or 10k. The program starts March 1, so be sure to sign-up today. For more information about the program and to sign-up visit Raleigh Running Mamas training. Raleigh Running Mamas is offering 1-free session ($75 value) to 1 FitTriangleMom follower. Register to win this session by commenting on this post about trying something new. Entries will be accepted through next Tuesday.

One of the best ways to motivate yourself about running is to have a goal in sight. My goal was to run a 5k. On April 6 at the Wake Med Soccer park in Cary, there will be a Color Mania 5k. This is a great and fun way to accomplish your running goal. Living Social is offering a discounted rate to register ($39). This price includes registration and a t-shirt! You will want to remember your 1st race forever. Visit Color Mania 5k to register or get additional information.

Remember to post your something new below to win a free training session with Raleigh Running Mamas and please share this with your friends!

Monday, February 18, 2013

At Home workout

Coughing kids? No problem. I still got in a sweat-drenched workout this morning. However, I did miss the camaraderie of working out with other adults rather than a toddler crawling on me while in plank position, I got my workout in followed by a refreshing protein shake. Here's how I did it. I keep my yoga mat and free weights in my closet and get them out when I'm ready.

I started with the cross-fit exercises found in the March 2013 edition of Fitness magazine. 20 reps- dumbbell swing, 2 sets of 3 reps of the Turkish get-up, 10 reps of the power deck squat (really got the heart pumping), 10 reps of the inchworm to grasshopper followed by 10 reps of the handstand push-up. You can watch a video of this crossfit circuit at After the crossfit circuit, I focused on my abs with 2 sets of 10 reps of inverted crunches, Pilate V 100, bicycle, lower leg lift, and then finished with a 2 minute plank and stretching.

It was a good 20 minute workout, but it will be nice to hit the gym tomorrow and get some running in the mix.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Usually when it comes to fitness and being healthy, it is all about finding a connection. It sounds similar to a romantic connection and getting there can just about be as agonizing as a first date, but once you find the right connection, it's like falling head over heels in love. Finding your fitness niche can be daunting, you try a little running, yoga, barre, aerobic classes and more. It's can be a little like speed dating. So take your time and experience each one. Ask yourself, "which one do I enjoy?", "does my body respond positively?" Once you make the connection, you can add a little to the mix to protect against plateaus. Mix it up, have fun, and feel good.

While you are on the connection journey be sure to check out these potential loves:

Raleigh Running Mamas Spring 5k/10k training for moms starts in 2 weeks, on 3/1.  Moms of all ages and fitness levels welcome (strollers are welcome but not required). They offer training plans for beginner and experienced runners, and offer weekday and weekend training options. Crossing that finish line is an amazing feeling!  Click for more information

Triangle Pilates & Yoga is now StudioVibe! They offer Yoga, Pilates, Xtend Barre and TRX. They have studio locations at Lochmere Pavillion and Cornerstone/Preston area in Cary.