Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When the kids are sick...

I rely heavily on the child care at my gym, but when the kids are sick we stay home. Croupy coughs, never ending runny noses, fevers and vomiting. If my kids exhibit these symptoms, we stay home, and I hope that other parents are as conscientious to sickness as me. Staying inside with sick kids can be rough, but double that with a mama that hasn't had her daily workout, it can become torture. The best way to remedy the situation is to have some mainstay exercises to increase your heart rate and relive stress. I usually start with doing 4 sets of 25 jumping jacks mixed in with 2-3 sets of  15-20 sit-ups, push-ups and jack knife crunches. After that I do 2, 2 minute planks, 2 minutes each of high knees, butt kickers and squats. You can also find some great workouts on Pinterest or visit . If you have a some free weights, a kettle ball and a yoga ball, you can add some additional exercises into the mix. I hope your kids stay healthy and you can resume your regular workout routine.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Make exercise fun!

Well, it's the middle of January, and how are your exercise resolutions coming. Are you hitting the gym at least three times a week, starting a running program, or have you already burned out? I hope you haven't given up yet. It can be hard starting a new habit, especially like exercising were you wake up the next morning sore, but remember sore is good. Sometimes trying a new activity can jump start your routine too. Below are three deals that will get your adrenaline pumping and help you get back on your fitness track. The gym can be intimidating, you walk in and look around and there's so much equipment you don't know where to start. If that's the case, seek out a trainer and have them help you determine your goals and what machines and/or weights you need to be using. Most gyms offer a free first session, so go ahead and take advantage of these services.

Master Chang is a good friend of mine. I used to train with him. Taekwondo is a great exercise plus it's a lot of fun. Master Chang works great with kids, so this is a program your whole family can try.

Master Chang's Tiger Den is offering 4 weeks, 3x a week taekwondo or ballet classes plus a uniform for only $49. Visit Master Chang's Tiger Den to get this special price.

Another element that keeps me motivated is competition. Can I run faster, lift heavier, etc. Laser Tag is a competitive activity to do with your friends. The faster more agile contenders will have the advantage. Do you think you will win? Visit Xtreme Kombat in Durham to play outdoor laser tag with your friends. For only $75, 4 friends can play for 90 minutes. Visit Xtreme Kombat to get this deal.

Who said girls' night was all about having a glass of wine? Call up the girls and schedule a dance party at Tease Fitness. You can choose from pole, belly-dance, hip-hop, zumba, twerk, chair, burlesque and body wrapFor only $89, you and up to 10 friends can laugh, dance, and burn some calories together. These parties are fun plus it's a great work out. Visit Tease Fitness to get this deal.

Alright, I hope these deals energize your resolutions and help you get back on track. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! For many a New Year means diet and exercise, but for me it means reevaluating my current diet and exercise, and making it better. I'm guessing since you're following this blog you are either wanting to get more exercise in your life or wanting to take your exercise routine to the next step. Last year, I ran my first 5k, but this year I want to improve my time and take on something more challenging like a mud run. As the year progresses you will see tools to help you grow in your healthy eating and exercise life from ways to encourage others in their healthy lifestyle to a more comprehensive newsletter. The first newsletter will come out this week filled with events, activities, and healthy eating options. Be sure to sign up to receive it. I also want to know what interests you-- running, bootcamp, yoga, martial arts, or soccer with the kids. Whatever it is, let me know so I can better inform you on all the Triangle has to offer. I challenge you to stay the course in your workout goals and tell a friend about FitTriangleMom. It's going to be a great year.