Friday, January 24, 2014

Travel Expert Kendra Thornton: Fit Family, Happy Life

You keep hearing it's a New Year, New You, yadayadayada..., but it's true. A New Year is like a clean slate to start making healthy choices like eating right and exercising. It's probably also why January is Fit Family Lifestyle month.  Today Kendra Thornton, a mom and travel expert, is sharing her tips on merging fitness and family.

Fit Family, Happy Life

Keep moving – that’s what I always do. I can’t help but move with my three busy kids. Being active is just a part of my life. But that’s what gave me the idea to stay fit, whether at home or on the road. I like the way it makes me feel and I like the way being in shape lets me keep up with kids. So, since it is Fit Family Lifestyles this month, I’ve decided to share some of my tips and tricks for staying healthy while I’m out on the road. Incorporating these in your lifestyle will keep you looking great and feeling great:

Fresh Air
Get outside. Plain and simple. The benefits of fresh air are well documented. If you are on the road, make an effort to stop at rest stops and parks. When the kids say they need a bathroom break, take it. Then walk around outside, stretching your legs and breathing in that fresh air that is so good for you. Walking around outside will also allow everyone to burn off some of that energy they have pent up from riding for so long, which will make the next leg of the trip easier… at least for a little while. Even will this cold weather - if you’re traveling to a chilly destination, go ice-skating, snowshoeing, or even try skiing...utilize the outside atmosphere!

Even when you are sedentary, sitting in a car or plane immobile for long stretches of time, your body needs nourishment. Pack snacks, and lots of them. Choose easy to eat snacks that won’t make a mess, like pretzels, bananas, string cheese, maybe even some trail mix – make it yourself with raisins, peanuts, dried banana slices, dried coconut, and some M&Ms… no one said you couldn’t have a little treat here and there!

Don’t Forget the Sneaks!
Amidst all of your pool wear, dinner outfits, sandals, flip-flops, and high heels, pack a pair of sneakers. Who knows when you’ll want to go on a run before everyone else gets up of watch the sunset as you jog.

Set Yourself Up for Success
Babies need their routines to be as close to what they experience at home as possible when they are away. This is not only good for them, but also for the parents! Be sure to bring their pillow with the pillowcase they always use on it, their favorite books, and anything else they might need like a pacifier, noise machine, sleep sack, a special blanket, etc. Ease baby to sleep and get some much needed rest of your own as well.

Plan Your Trip
It’s always good to know what you want to do on a trip. This is especially true when traveling with children. Be sure to include hiking trails and theme parks, even outdoor museums where the kids can not only enjoy themselves, but stay active as well.

These are the things I do and they work wonders for my family. I extend a lot of these ideas to school time also, continuing to pack healthy snacks in their lunch bags and getting them outdoors and active as often as possible. You can get outside any time of year. During this season, my family really enjoys making snowmen and going skiing! What kinds of things does your family like to do?


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