Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Hope You Dance!

"Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow." Our dance instructor had us tap out the first part of the Tango. I was thinking positive. I really wanted to try something new and ballroom dancing was just the thing. It was one of those LivingSocial deals only $25 for 5 lessons. My husband and I bought a voucher, and now we were standing in a large room with mirrors on the walls with hardwood floors throughout. I wore a black dress and black strappy heels. I was envisioning swirling around the room like they do on Dancing with the Stars, but in reality I have accepted that I have two left feet, and the latter will just take time and practice.

Tapping the steps in place quickly progressed to sliding back on our right heels then placing our arms around our partner (luckily my husband was there) and performing the moves together. My toes got stepped on a little bit while the steps got tangled in my head, but I kept pressing forward. I was determined to learn to Tango. We learned to promenade (turn) and corte ( a fancy leaning back move). My determination paid off; I went knowing I wasn't a pro, but persevered when it seemed hard. I'll practice this week, and learn more steps next week.

My dancing session reminded me of when I started running. I never ran before, but then I started the Couch to 5k program. I was 34-years-old when I began running. I ran my first 5k in 43 minutes, and today I ran it in 30 minutes.

After Labor Day weekend, I was having a mentally down day. You know "feeling fat", "lack of motivation" and especially bikini season was coming to an end. Wearing a bikini to the pool had been my goal for such a long time, but soon it will get cooler, and we'll be wearing jeans and sweaters. I needed a new goal and literally a kick in the butt. The dance lesson was just the push I needed, and then this morning when I ran a 5k in 30 minutes, my motivation sky rocketed.


I'm running the Electric Run tomorrow night with some girlfriends. I love races. They keep me motivated and give me such a feeling of accomplishment. This race is a little different. It's at night, you get to dress-up in glow-in-the-dark apparel and run. There's even an after-party at the finish line. I'm so excited to literally rock this race and set a new personal record.

Yes, there are times when you get down or feel nervous about trying something new, but don't quit. You'll feel wonderful when you finish, and you just might find something you love.


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