Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Savings

Did you forget to sign-up for the Triangle's Race for the Cure this Saturday, June 9 at Meredith College? Well, you're not too late and since you procrastinated you get a bonus. You can take $5 off your registration fee just by using the coupon code: NEWS-2012SP. Join the Mom's Packed Purse team today!

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books in Cary and Raleigh is having a "Celebrate Summer Sale". Use the coupon below to receive "The Greater the Price, The Greater the Discount" on any one item of your choice.

ONE ITEM of your choice:
"The Greater the Price,
The Greater the Discount"

ONE ITEM, discounted as follows:
Save 10% on an item priced $19.99 and less
Save 15% on an item priced $20-49.99
Save 20% on an item priced $50-99.99
Save 25% on an item priced $100 and over

Valid any time now through June 30, 2012


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