Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just beCause

Saving money, supporting local businesses and finding family fun activities is just half of what is in Mom's Packed Purse. Helping others and supporting research and families due to disease and sickness is the other (better) half in Mom's Packed Purse.

A cause that is near and dear to my heart is the annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. My goal after I gave birth to my youngest son was to run in a 5k. Four weeks ago, I started the 5K 101 training. I am half way through my training, and I'm excited to run the race on June 9. I'm running for my Aunt Rachel who is a breast cancer survivor. When I'm training and my muscles and legs start to hurt, I'm reminded of the race my Aunt Rachel had to endure- chemo, radiation and then eventually a full-mastectomy and reconstruction. It's people like her that inspire us to be better and fight harder for those around us. If you're interested in donating or joining Team Mom's Packed Purse visit Race for the Cure- Mom's Packed Purse.

Now you can find causes supported by Mom's Packed Purse just by clicking on the tab titled "Causes" on the top of the page. I hope you will read about the other causes and help support them too.

-Rachel :o)


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