Monday, April 23, 2012

Help Save Enid's Mommy

Last week my family was blessed with a 9-year-old girl. In a family of boys this is a special treat (especially for me). Our sweet neighbor Enid came over for dinner, spent the night, and we took her to school the next morning. For the past eight months, Enid's mommy, Hortencia Aguirre Verduzco, has been sitting in jail awaiting trial. It's a sad story that began last August when US Immigration officials barged into Hortencia's loving home, confiscated personal items, froze assets and interrogated Hortencia in front of her daughter, Enid-- all because of a supposedly fraudulent visa and residency papers. Hortencia in her haste to get these strange men out of her house, signed their waivers and agreeing to their terms. After consulting with her neighbors/friends that have since become like family, retained a lawyer. The lawyer found that nearly 20 years ago when Hortencia came to the US seeking freedom and opportunity to succeed, an immigration lawyer deceived her into paying him large sums of money in return for legal resident documentation. However, the lawyer didn't hold up his end of the bargain and had Hortencia believe her documents were valid.

In the midst of the legal battle, a loving and sweet girl, Enid bounces between family and friends homes while she waits and prays for he mother to come home. From an outsider point of view, it may look like another immigration case, but this one is different. Hortenica has been working hard since she arrived in our country, never accepting handouts or freebies. She started in the orange fields working despite illness and fevers, and then slowly working her way up to owning a construction cleaning business. She earned a GED, completed ESL classes (even taught them too), took college courses, received a EEG certificate (Electro Encephala Graph), and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. Most importantly she is a single mother to a well-behaved, sweet, kind and loving girl. These qualities are not coincidental; they are a true testimony of a diligent and loving mother.

Hortencia faces possible deportation back to Mexico. However, there is a chance she could be granted a reprieve and be allowed to stay in the country with her daughter, a US citizen. Please help reunite this mother and daughter by visiting and clicking on the link to sign the petition. You can also read more about Hortenica's journey and nightmare on the site.

I feel this is a cause for all moms to unite and help a fellow mom fight for justice. Join me also by "liking" Save Enid's Mommy on Facebook and telling all your friends to do the same. Nothing can get in the way of Moms with a cause-Stop the Deportation of Hortencia Aguirre Verduzco!

-Rachel A. Withers


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