Monday, November 26, 2012

Shop Local- Omega Sports

It has arrived- the Christmas shopping season. It's a frantic marathon of sales, deals and discounts, but for many local business owners it's feast or famine in this volatile economy. Last Saturday, I read a fantastic article in the News & Observer about local retailers. It's about a personal touch, dedicated customer service and relationships, the article concluded. So it got me thinking about some of my favorite local shops and their  excellent service. Omega Sports in Morrisville is one of them. I walk in the door,and am immediately greeted with a smile and hello. They remember me, the assistant manager saw me running in the local 5k. "How'd you do?" he asks. This time, I'm in with my 14-month-old son. He needs his first pair of shoes. The manager measures his foot and brings out an assortment of shoes in his size. We choose the Nike's. My little one walks around the store beaming; he knows these shoes are special. The manager tells me to save these shoes forever because they are his first. We let him keep his new shoes on, and the manager personally checks me out. It's service like this that keeps me coming back. Omega Sports also offers coupons too. Here is a coupon good for this week.

Interested in reading the article from the News & Observer? Visit Shop Small Stores.

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