Monday, February 13, 2012

Moms- jewelry, gifts and doula services

I love writing and sharing about my fellow Mompreneurs. They are moms just like you and me, and they are juggling many things (which is a lot) to follow their dream and passion to own their own business. Not only do I love writing about these women, but I love supporting their businesses too. When you support these women, you're not only full-filling a dream, but putting shoes on their kid's feet, helping pay for preschool or just letting a mom feel special with a manicure. Celebrate being a mom and check out these Mom businesses.

Jewelry lovers beware. Brandee Solomon a consultant for Just Jewelry has some lovely deals for the month of February. Just Jewelry offers a wide selection of jewelry and accessories for under $30. Brandee offers a loyalty card for her valuable customers.  Interested in hosting a party this month- have friends over and stock up with these great incentives: Receive a free pair of hostess exclusive earrings just for booking a party, 10% of your qualifying party sales in free jewelry, half-price items based on the sales from your sales, and the monthly Hostess jewelry item for just $8!
On top of those great deals, Brandee has also added her own special:
If your party totals to at least $100 in sales and you book before February 18th, you will get a free hostess stretch pinky ring and mystery prize! 
Book a party in February and you get double half off items on orders of $100 and up!!!
If your party total reaches $600 and up in sales you and the 4  highest orders will a free pair of earrings!
If your party total reaches $800 and up in sales you and the 3 highest orders will get a $10 to use on a future date! AND...All February hostess will be entered into a drawing to win a Brandee's Just Jewelry tote!
Visit Just Jewelry-Brandee to contact Brandee or book a party.

Amy Brooks at Brooks Boutique offers a colorful selection of kid accessories. Her whimsical, fun and funky gifts come in a variety of patterns, but if you don't see exactly what you're looking for then she will customize an item just for you! Talk about service! Her collections include: burp cloths, bibs, nursing covers, ID badge reels, strap covers, arm pads, hair accessories, bags, check book covers, key chains, mitten clips, pacifier clips, and. stethoscope tape/pen. You have to visit her shop at Brooks Boutique to see all she has to offer.

April at Branching Out Doula Services is offering some specials this month-- $50 off for home births, $25 off for birth center births, and  a free cloth diaper tutorial.  April is also willing to work with you based on your financial situation. April has a special interest in supporting women who suffer from Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, or other mood disorders as well as those who have had or are having a generally rough and stressful pregnancy.

April is a DONA trained Birth Doula and experienced Mama offering informational, emotional, and physical support to mothers and their partners prenataly, during labor and birth, during breastfeeding and postpartum. This is achieved this through acupressure, massage, visualization, positive positioning,  encouragement and nurturing.               

In addition to the "standard" services provided, she also offers the following upon request:
Prenatal Cloth Diapering Tutorial/Demonstration
Postpartum Cloth Diapering Support (including laundry)
Attending Doctor Appointments
Prenatal Preparation For Baby/Shopping/Organizing
Non-Professional Photography/Videography
Baby's Hand/Foot Impressions
Visit April at Branching Out to get more information about her services or contact her directly.


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