Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shopping- Black Friday & Christmas shopping

I heard a rumor that Kohls is opening at midnight for Black Friday shoppers. Even if this is true you won't find me standing out in the cold waiting to get in the door to save a few bucks on a Christmas present. I use a different method for Christmas shopping. I shop for the individual. I look for something that is creative and unique for that person. I'd also rather enjoy my Thanksgiving holiday with my family than be wrapped up in the hustle and bustle. I love to shop, but I consider shopping to be more of an art especially when you're buying for others. Cyber Monday is your best bet for must-have toys and gadgets, but if you want to shop outside of the big-box stores this year check back later, and I will list a complete guide for everyone on your list, even those who seem to have it all.


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